There’s nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept. – Ansel Adams

To date, my path has traversed all three US coasts, absorbing an appreciation of what each locale offers, landing in Reno, Nevada many years ago.

Of course, this meant promptly exploring, photographing, and basking (though not Basqueing – see here) in the history of the Silver State. I can often be found with a hand in any number of public and private projects, photography and otherwise, but I hope as you peruse the site that you get an opportunity to see what I see through the lens.

I strongly believe that art is measured in its effect: on its creator, on its viewers, on its subjects or targets. If you see something on this site that moves you (positively or negatively) feel free to reach out (constructively, one hopes, even if negative). Without feedback, it’s just me and the camera and the HTML and the crickets (and crickets aren’t very good company unless crunchy and chocolate covered).

If you’ve come here looking for technology advice, software development, and other business services, you can find all that and more at Panegyris ( Hopefully you’ll check out the photography too!

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