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Are you a working photographer looking to commiserate? Are you wondering what life is like for someone who attempts to make “art”? Are you simply curious what might be worth listening to on the topic of taking pictures? Follow along and let’s find out together.

If you’re a generous camera shop or output provider and want to sponsor one or more episodes at amazingly low rates while the podcast is just getting started, drop a line to and let’s (ahem) talk.


Companion Posts

“Living Your Eternity Well” Companion

[An editorial note: the links below are not affiliate links. If I ever do start including those, I’ll make it clear then. In the meantime, if you want to support this effort, consider sponsoring the podcast or purchasing prints. Thank you!] I’m going to go backwards a bit in this companion and deal with the […]

Intro and “the eye” Companion

If you haven’t already listened to podcast episode #1, do that now. This companion fills in some of the blanks as far as some of the details referenced but does not repeat the main content. Here is the 1983 Playboy interview by David Sheff that is referenced in this episode (and will be in future […]

VocalLength Pre-Launch Thoughts

The official launch of the podcast VocalLength is almost here. While a few last-minute things get cleaned up, won’t you consider taking a look at the photos for sale on the site (your office or home could use some art, no?), check out (and follow) the Instagram account @bmbdotphotos (also see the footer of each […]