“Don’t Miss the Starting Gun” Companion

It’s just such a good song on its own accord (Time by Pink Floyd). And in the process of looking for a version for this post, I ran across this video to go with it and I have to say, except for the fact that it’s probably a 6 1/2 minute copyright infringement for all the video sampling, it’s a compelling watch.

Except that actually proves the point that I make in this episode, that it’s easy to find yourself pulled away from the important things. Once in a while is fine, of course. A bit of distraction helps focus and motivation.

Let’s get meta for a moment… does that mean that this podcast and post series is a useful or negative distraction? I currently think it’s a positive; it’s work I need to do anyway for marketing. It’s an opportunity for me to vocalize (literally) topics that impact daily practice in the world of “art photography” (and any other photography that you or I would wind up doing). On top of all that, it’s a chance to express a camaraderie and fellowship in the community (even if the mechanism is mostly one-way).

Have you found yourself “waiting for someone to tell you when to run”? I admit that I have on occasion fallen into the trap of “needing permission” (mentally) to pursue the artistic creation and you want to know something else? It was me who wasn’t giving it. It can be pretty awful when you have external authority figures hampering your aesthetic and artistic growth but it’s far worse when you do it to yourself. Not being able to “find the time” can be only one of the myriad ways to self-sabotage. Imposter syndrome is a very real and damaging effect as well, especially in this FOMO, YOLO, curated and crafted lie-life often lived in the social media space. 

Give your self permission to create well.

Give yourself permission to create badly.

Give yourself permission to create. Period.

And then “find the time” (say no to something if you have to). 

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