The Batteries of the #WaybackBox Project

Ponder historical camera gear and you tend to think of a dividing line between “needs no battery” and “batteries not included”. The truth is often not nearly so cleanly defined. Even when cameras themselves didn’t use batteries, flashes did. Light meters? Some of them had augmented features that needed more juice. Sometimes batteries were actually…

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#WaybackBox (CL1)

Sometimes Wayback Boxes don’t go that far back; only 25 years or so. That’s the case with this find where it came time for a former professional photographer to clear out the now-unused gear. What caught my eye on this set was that it aligned with a separate goal, that of finding film bodies that…

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#WaybackBox (ES)

The Inaugural Wayback Box Collection In which you get to see the collection of images, few to professional photographer standards, of some of the many bits and bobs that come from the first collection (of what’s now likely to be multiple) of classic photography gear. It will be a living collection while the contents are…

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