Of Curating and Cultivating Classic Chemical Photography

Film photography is all the rage now if you’re cool and grew up with digital (spoilers: I’m not and I didn’t). Everywhere you turn there are brag accounts and experimental accounts and people trying to fake film with digital and faking digital with film. Easy to say, one might thing, that this whole nostalgia thing…

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Inside the Sausage Factory (part 1) Companion

The whole paradigm of “making sausage” is one that sums up so many endeavors. The reality is that it takes blood, sweat, and tears to create anything of value and in the digital-vs-film, processed-vs-not arguments, that reality is lost. What about that opening quote? Take a look at this analysis attempting to properly attribute it.…

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Inside the Sausage Factory (part 1)

Wherein I just touch on a couple of touchy subjects: film vs digital and processed vs unprocessed. Don’t worry; I slaughter no sacred cows (yet). This one’s a little longer than the other episodes so far in order to cover some of the fundamentals of certain arguments. 

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